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FreeNAS 10 is a ground-up rewrite of FreeNAS, now a set of largely independent but interoperating components which allow for greater flexibility, power, and provide cleaner abstraction layers for future innovation in the product. The key component portions of FreeNAS 10 are:

  • Middleware Agent: the pluggable, asynchronous heart of FreeNAS 10, providing all services via both Websocket and ReST APIs and allowing for many simultaneous services and session connections.
  • CLI: the native Command Line Interpreter for FreeNAS, available as the cli command from ssh sessions, the default user interface at the system console, and also available via the GUI. It is fully scriptable and provides access to all aspects of the Middleware API.
  • GUI: the Graphical User Interface for FreeNAS, leveraging HTML5 and a number of newer web technologies than the previous UI.