FreeNAS 10 How to Create a Replication

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Create a Replication

A replication automatically copies snapshots from the local system to another system.

Note: Volume names can vary. In these examples, the volume name is Volume0.

The replication target system for this example is at IP address

Create a Peer by selecting Peering --> +Create --> New freenas.

Enter as the Address.

Enter 22 for the Port.

Enter root for the Username.

Enter the peer's root user password in Password.

Click Save. This creates peer entries on both the source and target systems. When deleting a peer, remember that the target peer must be deleted on the source system and the source peer must be deleted on the target system.

For this example, the dataset catpictures on Volume0 will be replicated to the target computer's TargetVolume0 on dataset importantstuff.

Create a replication:

Select Storage --> Volume0 --> Replications --> +Create

Enter replicate-catpictures for the Name of this replication.

Select the target computer from the Peer drop-down.

Click Browse and select the Source dataset, catpictures.

Enter TargetVolume0/importantstuff in the Target dataset field.

Select DEFAULT for Compression.

To replicate any datasets inside the catpictures dataset, set the Recursive checkbox. If this field is unchecked, only the top-level catpictures dataset is replicated.

Click the Repetition drop-down. Enter 2 and then select Hours to replicate the catpictures dataset every two hours.

Finally, click Save.